ake the decision to no longer make excuses and that you will have no limits to what you will do to succeed!

It is easy to make excuses for why we cannot do things. Make a decision to have no excuses and from now on when you find yourself coming up with an excuse instead ask the question ‘how can I?’ There is almost always a way to achieve that which you have used as an excuse in the past.

Once you get moving toward what you want in life, keep going over, under or around any hurdles on the way. Keep the momentum going. Day by day keep moving forward and commit to yourself to not stop.

Remember to take a breath and appreciate how far you have come on a regular basis. The successes will create more successes when you focus on them and not on the failures. Failure is just a stepping stone on the success pathway. You need some failures to succeed so they are good and they often lurch you forward once you get past them.

Make that decision NOW!

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